Evolvus Solutions: Providing Complete Automation and High ROI to BFSI Sector

CIO Vendor Banks have moved from decentralized environment to a consolidated and centralized automated environment. Centralization and consolidation of automation has empowered banks to manage operations efficiently. Central availability of ready data opens up new possibility of strategic management. Evolvus Solutions, headquartered in Bangalore, focuses on solutions that enables strategic risk management and revenue enhancement which in turn provide banks and financial institutions with a multifold return over their investment.
“We have been emphasizing the importance of strategic risk management and the ever increasing role of automation for risk management and revenue enhancement. This emphasis is visible in the level of sophistication in all our products.” says KarthikThenkarai, Co-Founder Director, Evolvus Solutions. The company has designed its products against this backdrop and has managed to create an application stack which is capable of enabling strategic risk analysis and revenue optimization.Evolvus does not follow the model of designing everything. Instead, it lays the platform and builds components over it which makes it easy to implement anything over the platform.
Evolvus provides a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Platform called COMBAT for the entire operations of financial institutions. The platform brings in all forms of risk related aspects to be monitored, screened and alerted to the customer. As compared to the traditional systems that only alert the business community about something different happening, the Combat platform has an additional part called Decision Science Enablement which is implemented with it.
“It means we not only alert the business community that there is something suspicious happening in their environment, but we also tell them what they need to do after identifying the incident. That is a real differentiator for Combat,” adds Karthik.
That is a real differentiator for Combat,” adds Karthik.
“When it comes to enterprise payment processing, Evolvus has in its portfolio a single platform called FLUX for processing non image or image based payments.

Providing Complete Automation and High ROI to BFSI Sector

In contrast toa traditional system wherein each and every function has a direct interface with individual systems and core systems, Evolvus team has put a bus in between which is called ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)”adds Rajesh Thayial, Product Manager FLUX.All the user end points that are there integrate to ESB. By introducing ESB in between, Evolvus has managed to eliminate the risk of point to point communication from individual systems to the core. This drastically reduces the maintenance effort as any change can be done at one single point and the change will reflect throughout.
Evolvus also supports banks to transform their automation environment through their strategic data and systems transformation capability. “We delivery strategic system transformation to our banking customers starting from identifying the system challenges, outlining a strategy for mitigation, mapping of the strategy into independent systems, running mock migration executions, followed by business drill and then moving into production. To ensure correct data and system migration, we prepare a detailed verification strategy as well to help the bank complete the verification independently,” concludes Prashant Maroli,Co-Founder & Director, Evolvus Solutions. Having performed such transformations a few times over, Evolvus has developed a high degree of expertise in this rare field.