Arhata Automating Asset Tracking and Auditing through ‘Assetrak’

CIO Vendor Assetrak is a comprehensive asset tracking and auditing software that transforms and automates the whole range of asset audit functions including data collection, asset tagging, asset inventory, asset transfers etc. thereby reducing the time, efforts and money spent on asset audit significantly. Utilizing latest advancements in technology around barcoding, RFID technology, mobility, integration with leading ERPs and high quality labels, Assetrak makes tracking of assets highly accurate and efficient and aids enterprises streamline asset tracking and reap high return on investment.

Assetrak is a cloud based solution and comes with Mobile app for audit, which allows asset audits using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and offers global access thereby reducing the dependency and investments on handheld readers entirely. A stock broking company using Assetrak could save drastically on readers by using android phones for asset audit at its hundreds of branches. As the time, cost and money spent on asset audits reduce significantly, the frequency of audits increases resulting into better control over assets. One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India that has an asset base of more than one lakh assets can now audit all its assets every year, which was a nightmare before.

Assetrak works closely with customers in preparing accurate data required for successful automation of asset tracking and validation. Assetrak assists customers in data collection, Asset Tagging and reconciliation to make an accurate asset inventory list. Assetrak has successfully generated asset listing worth INR 86 Billion by focusing on the quality of data.Assetrak has helped companies from all sectors
including Pharmaceuticals,Manufacturing,Textiles,Automobiles, Engineering, Food processing, IT and other services automate their fixed assets tracking. After implementing Assetrak, clients have been able to increase asset data accuracy dramatically, resulting into high quality asset register. It helps to reduce the physical discrepancies significantly and slash the asset audit time by more than 70 percent. The product reduces unrecorded asset transfer cases and offers better asset procurement process. It assists clients to know precisely where an asset is and who has it. Assetrak brings innovation and automation in asset tracking industry. The growing importance, risk, quantity, and cost of corporate assets have resulted in increased management interest to better maintain control of their assets. The higher the risk or opportunity cost in not knowing where an asset is located, the greater the incentive for management to implement a better asset tracking system. Falgun Shah, the Founder of Assetrak views this changed perception about fixed assets tracking as an opportunity and feels that some latest technological developments in the fields of IoT (Internet of Things) and RTLS (Real time location system) will bring disruptive transformation in the way asset tracking is done presently.

Assetrak brings innovation and automation in asset tracking industry

Assetrak is working on some momentous upgrades that will further revolutionize the asset tracking segment. The company has built strong data analytics capabilities in Assetrak which enables the clients to draw some exceptional asset intelligence and assists in business decisions. “Our endeavor is to assist our customers by constantly innovating. Innovation comes when you question the current finance practices,”concludes Falgun.