Litmus Information Systems: For the IT Ready Banking Leaders

CIO Vendor Banks are evolving rapidly, and along with it the IT infra requirements. Staying prepared to the challenges is the need of the hour. But how to know whether as a financial organization, you are ready or not? Dedicated to provide IT Infrastructure Management & Cloud Consulting services to only Banking and Financial institutes across the globe, Litmus Information Systems (Litmus) is an organization formed by a group of IT entrepreneurs who gather 20 plus years of experience individually.

Litmus provides services encapsulated as products viz ‘RITA’ and ‘Cloud in a Box’ solution for its customers. RITA (Robustness of IT Assessment) performs assessment in holistic way. The firm adopts assessment unique ‘PASS’ methodology. The components of PASS are Performance assessment, Availability assessment, Security assessment and review of Standards and Procedures used by the customer.

“We strongly feel that if the IT Assets are configured with High Availability and have acceptable Performance with Stringent Security standards implemented along with adherence of Standards & Procedures, then this will result in Robust IT Infrastructure. This, in turn, will result in Stable Application hosted on it and in the end will get end user satisfaction. Besides, Litmus performs remediation of gaps by implementing solutions to make the organization Pass RITA Test.

Moreover, Litmus has performed complex Cloud implementations across Indian banks. With Cloud in Box, it provides single click implementation of banking application on the cloud enabling banks to have their own Private cloud. It also takes care of compliance standards that Bank intends to comply with.

Technological reforms and upgradations are introduced in the banking systems almost every month. Customers of banks are treated with new solutions and services to keep the ecosystem digitalized and seamless. It’s
all well and good until it becomes a competition when the competitor bank around the block is offering a similar solution to its customers. Now the only next best option is to upgrade and take the upper hand. Banking institutions need to be prepared with their IT infrastructure for such upgradations in order to stay relevant in the cut throat competition. Litmus continuously performs RITA for their customers and makes them ready with the required capacity planning and also newer security implementations. With an external support to bank’s digital journey, Litmus is running RITA assessment methodology to make banks perform accurate capacity plans taking into consideration Availability, Performance & Security.

Added to RITA and Cloud in a Box, Litmus also offers Command Centre Operations Running NOC & SOC, Cyber Security Services, DR as a Service (RPO, RTO & RCO), System Integration Services (e.g. UPI, BBPS & EFRM in consortium with ISV Vendors), and support to huge & complex datacenters. A payment services organization which manages 24,000 ATMs for various banks sought Litmus’ help for their expertise. Litmus performed RITA assessment. Post the assessment and remediation of GAPS this Financial Organization underwent PCI DSS audit successfully.

Litmus provides services encap sulated as products viz ‘RITA’ and ‘Cloud in a Box’ solution for its customers. RITA (Robustness of IT Assessment) performs assessment in holistic way

Litmus has several projects in the pipeline and has zeal to constantly upgrade. “We always striving for new age digital innovation and working to acquire patents taking help of government schemes like Digital India”, says Sandeep Mahimkar, CEO, Litmus Information Systems. Extending its outreach, Litmus is performing RITA Remotely for EXIM Bank in Tanzania followed by 4 other countries in East Africa. Also, accomplished Cloud Migration merging 5 Cloud providers for a Norway based Organization.