Naive Plus Software Solutions (P) Ltd: Digitally Implementing the Exquisite Banking Environment

CIO Vendor The Indian Banking and Financial services industry is undergoing massive changes with the advent of the digital transformation phenomenon. To keep up with the rapid evolution, organizations need to embrace solutions that can encompass the innovations while managing costs. Cyber security is a constant threat to any technology driven industry. Contactless banking and Digital innovations in the customer experience is the need of the hour, accelerated by the pandemic. Driving technology adoption to an unorganized and underprivileged customer base those have least IT literacy is a major challenge that contemplate and try to overcome with the enhanced services.

Significantly, Naive Plus Software Solutions (P) Ltd is a 25 years old Kerala based banking software company developing comprehensive IT solutions, exclusively to the banking institutions in India. The company provides end to end offerings from consultation and conceptualization to implementation and post-implementation support. By hosting onto the cloud with Naive Plus, clients never need to worry about storage, server maintenance or backups again. Naive Plus specializes in working with co-operative banking institutions providing them with fully integrated software solutions, which are tailored to the requirements of the clients, at a very reasonable and affordable cost. The company has built a reputation within co-operative banking domain by offering consultancy services to more than 1000 banks.

Naive Plus Software Solutions Provides digital core banking solutions for small and medium co-operative banking institutions across India, focusing on high quality services. The flagship product “Co-Bank+” is a 360° core banking suit that includes a web based application, customer portal, mobile application, passbook printing & ATM facility. The company is an
ISO 9001:2015 certified organization operating and providing the services under strict regulations as per the state and central department of co-operation and RBI. The employees are well trained and inducted to the operation system, designed to reduce maximum human errors. 1000 co-operative banks and societies from state of Kerala and Karnataka on a cloud platform with an optimized IT infra structure are the successful and satisfied customers of the product.

Advancing Innovative IT Infrastructure Performance
Moreover, Naive Plus was the pioneers to introduce a cost-effective and affordable, one stop solution for the complete core banking needs of a co-operative banking. Being cost effective without compromising on the quality led the firm to faster customer adoption and territory expansion. By embracing multi-cloud adoption and modernizing the application towards a matured multitenant model, proper security best practices and disaster recovery plans in place reduced the customers’ acquisition costs and time providing a reliable, scalable and optimized application suite.

Furthermore, the Time to Market (TTM) was reduced by 70% with enhanced data protection and security. Also, the ERP worked with a network speed of 1 Mbps that even the mobile data can serve the purposes and runs on Microsoft Azure honored by Microsoft team on LinkedIn. Co-Bank+ possess VAPT (vulnerability and penetration test) security audit certificate by Ernst & Young. The team is led by industry leaders who have decades of experience with banking and technology.

Naive Plus is focused on providing a world class experience for the clients through the application suite, while giving choice in services as per the requirements, size and type of organization. It is possible only with the right awareness in the market, adapting with changing trends, improving convenience without compromising the security. As an organization it ensures the effective cross-functional communication, attitude towards seeking excellence, distributed and candid decision making capacity, and ownership to the common vision. The company has set a benchmark in the co-operative banking sector of India and plans to expand to a global landscape. The immediate focus is on emerging countries in Africa and South East Asia.